Heesu Oh


 The Bilinguals’ World You Do Not Know, Japanese Teachers’ Reading Series11, webjapanese


出版社のウェブサイト:11 あなたの知らないバイリンガルの世界 | WEB JAPANESE BOOKS 

I am a second language acquisition and bilingualism researcher. I have been teaching Japanese language and Bilingualism at University of Arizona and Nagoya University, and Korean language at Nagoya City University. I was educated at Chungnam National University for my bachelor's degree in Korean literature and at Nagoya University for my master's and doctoral degrees in Second Language Acquisition and at University of Arizona for my second master's degree in East Asian Studies.

 I am currently interested in the right of language choice of international children, code-switch of bilinguals, life story of bilinguals, the role of two or more languages in the life of bilinguals, and beliefs of second language learners and teachers in language learning.